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The Meeting Point Malawi (in German: Treffpunkt Malawi) is an initiative of the Kolping family Riesenbeck – based in North West of Germany. Founded upon the aims of the Kolping society, we want to improve the life situation of the people in Malawi, promote the foundation of new Kolping families and want to inform at the same time here in Germany about the general life situation in Africa.

What is the Kolping Society?                                  

The Kolping Society is a Catholic social association with headquarter in Cologne. It is based on structures similar to a family and counts worldwide approx. 450,000 members in more than 5,000 so-called Kolping families. The foundation and naming is to be led back on the priest Adolph Kolping living in the 19th century.

What does mark the Kolping Society?

Principal item and main focus of the work of the Kolping Society is the engagement with and for the family. Besides, the internationality of the association wins more and more in meaning.

The Kolping Society in Malawi:

By the work of the Meeting Point Malawi three Kolping families in the north of Malawi (diocese Mzuzu) were founded. Besides, all interested inhabitants of a village or a region can become members of such a community - independently of age and gender. Now with Malawi the International Kolping Society is represented in 61 countries of our world.

„Co-developing & co-experience“

– That is what the Meeting Point Malawi stands for:

 Principal items of our work in Malawi are the support of the Kolping families, training programs and the financial help to an existing AIDS/HIV orphan's project in Karonga.

Beside the direct financial aid, we forward small scale loans to these communities which enable the members to get access to money. This allows the beneficiaries to invest in their own future. These loans are a basic help to the self-help.

Additionally according to our motto „co-developing & co-experience“ we want to wake up the people in Germany, inform and arouse enthusiasm for the country Malawi.




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Hilfe für Malawi e. V.

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Our partners:

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